Hello there!


I am a Norwegian board game designer, having designed games professionally since 2004.


In 2014 I co-founded the publisher Aporta Games, which I manage and run in cooperation with Eilif Svensson.


Below you will find a selection of my own designs.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by using the form to the right.


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My games

Four suspects


Published by: Ten Days Games (2016)



Deduction game for 2-5 players.

Playing time 30 minutes.



Capital Lux


Published by: Aporta Games (2016)


Co-designed with Eilif Svensson


Tactical card game for 2-4 players, playing time 30-45 minutes.




Published by: Aporta Games (2016)


Co-designed with Eilif Svensson


Family game for 1-10 players

Playing time 20 minutes




The curse of the temple


Published by: Queen Games (2012)


Award winning cooperative real-time action game.


You have 10 minutes to explore the temple, return the cursed gems, and find the exit.


Several mini expansions (Queenies) have been released for this game, as well as three main expansions:


- Illusions (2012)

- Quests (2013)

- Traps (2015)


Escape: Zombie City


Published by: Queen Games (2014)


Stand-alone game in the Escape series


Real-time cooperative game for 2-4 players



Several mini expansions (Queenies) have been released for this game, as well as one main expansion:


- The Survivor Chronicles (2015)



Published by: Aporta Games (2015)


Co-designed with Kenneth Minde


Family strategy game for 2-4 players.

Playing time 60-90 minutes.



Perfect Alibi


Published by: Lautapelit / Vennerød (2015)


Deduction game for 3-5 players


Playing time 30-45 minutes

Doodle City


Published by: Aporta Games (2014)


Co-designed with Eilif Svensson


Family game for 1-6 players


Draw a network of roads through your city to connect hotels and shops, parks and houses.

Kampen om Fredriksten


Published by: Rognøy publishing (2013)


Family game where players are merchant families in the city of Halden during the 17th century.


Use dice to activate your businesses, earn money, building material and soldiers, and help protect the city against the Swedish invaders.


Roll to the South Pole


Published by: Rio Grande Games / Vennerød (2012)


Co-designed with Eilif Svensson and Emil Amundsen


Family game for 2-5 players


Choose your equipment, find the optimal route, and push your luck as you venture into no-man's land, trying to be the first to reach the South Pole.





Published by: Huch & Friends (2012)



Party/word game for 3-12 players


One player tries to describe a word, term or person to the other players.


One opponent is the trap maker who tries to foresee how the explainer will describe the word. The trap maker secretly writes down forbidden trap words - which are unknown to the explainer, but which she still needs to avoid.

Amundsen: Kappløpet til Sydpolen


Published by: Vennerød (2011)


Co-designed with Eilif Svensson


Family game for 2-5 players, age 7+

Playing time 20 minutes


Quick and easy family game where you push your luck trying to achieve dice combinations to advance your tent towards the South Pole.


Note: Although the box graphics are the same as that used for "Roll to the South Pole", the gameplay is different.



Published by: Queen Games (2011)


Family game for 2-5 players


Playing time 30 minutes


The spoils of the mammoth hunt need to be divided, and everyone tries to secure the largest share for themselves.


Hotel Samoa


Published by: White Goblin Games (2010)



Family game for 3-6 players


Samoa. A popular vacation resort, where groups of tourists arrive every week. The hotel owner's only care is to give these tourists the stay of their life - and of course to rid them of as much money as possible.




Published by: Gyldendal (2007)


Adventure game for 2-5 players


Based on the Norwegian fantasy book series by Ruben Eliassen.


Travel through the land of Aldra, harvest magic stones, advance in the skills of fighting, wisdom and friendship, learn powerful spells, and fulfil prophecies to defeat the evil magician Sherpa.



Mutiny on Little Blue


Published by: Egmont (2004)


Bluffing/negotiation game for 3-7 players



"Little Blue" arrives at a new island, and the Captain can bring one other cew member ashore to collect treasures. The Captain, however, is a very old and senile man, his eyesight is bad, it's foggy and the middle of the night, so it's hard to tell who is who. The other players must convince the captain to bring them along, by negotiating or bluffing about their identity.